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T4 chassis assembly

The latest chassis design from JEHC Consulting the T4 is light and strong with multiple features incorporated from over a decade of experience in designing and building these machines. The chassis is SCORE/BITD race legal and is designed to be ergonomic for those longer races down in Baja. Constructed from all 4130 and TIG welded the chassis tubes with matching miter plates only weigh about 800 lbs. while being designed for safety. The T4 is designed with properly engineered miter plates in EVERY junction of the chassis.

Safety is first and foremost, speed and endurance are a close second. This platform meshes the perfect balance of light/strong with safety backed by professionally designed suspension and handling characteristics.

The T4 Chassis Platform is Available in several different configurations including Trophy/Trick Truck, 6100, 7200, and Aussie Spec class. Below are all the specifications for the Trophy Truck/6100 class platforms, the other platforms are dialed down versions of this setup. For questions or inquiries please contact

Drivetrain: The T4 (Trophy Truck) is designed to fit common race packages including offset sequential transmissions like the FRST4 from Fortin.

Chassis: This chassis is race legal and comprises of a mixture of tube diameters and wall thicknesses from 2” by .120 wall to 1.5” by .065” wall. The chassis is delivered as a solid file that is normalized for laser tube notching, ready to go. Some of the corner gussets are not tube laser friendly and require them to be made by hand, these tube sections have 3D print files (STL) that you can print to aid in making these pieces by hand.

***This product is a Digital Asset. You are purchasing the cutting files (DXF) for this component so that you can have these plates cut and bent (press) from a CNC plasma, laser, or waterjet machine.***


Front Suspension:

            The front suspension of the T4 is designed to be light and strong, precision design for a competitive race platform. Utilizing tube in the components to increase strength and reduce weight while providing a unique style.

Bulkhead – Plate and Tube construction with various thicknesses (1/4”, 3/16”, 1/8”, and .095”) and uses sheetmetal weld washers (can replace with KARTEK machined weld washers) for all bolt hole locations. Setup for the Howe Trophy Truck Rack this bulkhead is self-locating (snap together).  

            Lower Arm – Uses 1” uni-ball bearing chassis pivots and 1.5” uni-ball bearings for the upright side.

            Upper Arm – Uses 7/8” Rod ends with Standard Square receivers (bungs) from Kartek with the same 1.5” bearing for the upright as the lower arm.

            Upright – Uses custom machined snout block for 12 bolt bolt on hub setups with custom machined upper arm mount pin and lower arm threaded bung setup for ¾” bolts and 9/16” for the steering 1” rod end.


We have three chassis options available:

Midsize/7200 – This platform will fit up to an LS3/7 and is 118″ wheelbase by 85″ trackwidth.

Fullsize (lite) 6100 – This platform is designed for 6100 racing and is 120″ wheelbase by 90-91″ trackwidth

Fullsize Trophy Truck – This platform is designed for Trophy Truck racing and is 125″ wheelbase by 94″ trackwidth.


Steering Setup – Designed for PSS steering racks, other options are available, please email with any questions.


Hubs and Brakes – This platform utilizes standard 12 bolt faceplates for a variety of bolt on hub options from standard 2.5” up to TT assemblies.


Bulkhead Rake – This front end is designed for a bulkhead rake of 3 degrees with 4-5 degrees of caster built into upright/arms for a total of 7-8 degrees of caster. The lower and upper arms are parallel


Camber Curve – At Compression (Bump) this setup gains about 7 degrees of camber and at Extension (Droop) the setup stays decently straight with only about 2 degree of change.


Contact Patch Trackwidth Change – Imagine the CenterPoint of the tire where it touched the ground, this point is the contact patch of the tire. When the suspension moves up and down this width changes (opposite of the camber curve, larger camber curve = less contact patch trackwidth change). At Compression (Bump) this setup decreases 1” in trackwidth and during Extension (Droop) is 4.5” of decrease.


Rear Suspension:

The rear suspension on the T4 is designed for 26" (midsize) and 32” (fullsize) of wheel travel with lightweight components for a competitive assembly.

Rear End Assembly – The rear end housing is the T4 race housing, designed to be light and strong, setup for the 4 link in the T4 chassis with the bump stop mounts/sway bar mounts to match. It is designed to fit all Trophy Truck hub assemblies along with all 10” Race gear sets. If you choose to utilize a different rear end housing, you will need to let JEHC know so they can get you the proper link mounts to match the chassis.

Rear Link Arms - This lower link arm is a traditional Trophy Truck style with a 2″ main tube as the base structure and wrapped with a series of 4130 Chromoly platework. Setup for 3.0” coilovers and 4.5” bypass shocks.

Rear Sway Bar – The rear sway bar assembly is our T4 Sway bar that features a lightweight plate construction designed for a broached weld in sleeve. You can utilize a variety of different weld in broached sleeved for the sway bar or machine a custom one to match the sway bar you prefer.

Shocks – The rear shock package is setup for standard 16” stroke 3.0” coil overs and 18” stroke 4.5” bypass shocks with plenty of room for various tube layouts.

Rear Pivot Boxes – These are the Trophy Truck Rear Pivot Boxes from JEHC that feature mounting for 1” bearing lower link arm chassis pivots with ¾” bolts and upper 1.25” rod end link mounts with 5/8” bolts. Three mounting locations are provided so drivers can dial in the pinion movement/dive in the rear suspension they prefer.

Rear Fuel Cell – The rear cell is designed to be a simple construction that drops into place in the rear of the chassis, featuring 100+ gallon capacity you can choose how large you want the cell to be. A simple “X” bolts into place above the cell, holding it in.

Rear Spare Tire Setup – This chassis is designed for a simple spare tire strap setup that lays the spares down in the rear and utilizes either single or Y straps.

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