60″ Boxed Off-set Shock Mount Links by JEHC

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These 60″ Off-set Shock Mount Boxed Link arms are the perfect start to a linked truck project, even for the beginner. The shock mounts are off-set to the rear of the link arm, the perfect link for those who want mount the shocks as far back as possible. Typically you will see these shocks used on crew-cab trucks. They are designed to be fabrication friendly with several options, from mild steel MIG welded to Chromoly 4130 TIG welded. You also have the option of running various front and rear pivot choices, the front (chassis) pivot can run a bushing assembly or a 1″ uni-ball bearing assembly. The rear pivot (housing side) can run either a race square pinch bolt bung or a standard threaded bung with jam nut.
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