Stage 1 Race/Play Roller Chassis from JEHC

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The industries first DIY Race/Play chassis assembly, designed to be plasma table and fabrication friendly, making this the perfect build for someone who has never built a tube chassis vehicle before.

Designed for MIG welding this setup is also the least investment to build (least laser cutting cost).

***Due to the complexity of these assemblies a representative from JEHC LLC will be reaching out to you personally upon purchase***

Each DIY Chassis package comes with the following Cutfiles:

Tube chassis cutting files for a tube laser, Front suspension assembly, Rear suspension assembly including rear end housings (3.5" and 4"), Bulkhead/floor/rear pivot boxes, shock mounts, bump stop mounts, and rear sway bar assembly.

EASM files of the chassis and all suspension components are also provided to aid in assembly/fabrication of the truck.

Chassis: This chassis is designed out various material diameters and thickness, mostly .120 wall and .095 wall for ease in MIG welding. The DIY series of trucks are SCORE/BITD race legal.

We have three chassis options available:

Midsize/7200 - This platform will fit up to an LS3/7 and is 118" wheelbase by 85" trackwidth.

Fullsize (lite) 6100 - This platform is designed for 6100 racing and is 120" wheelbase by 90-91" trackwidth

Fullsize Trophy Truck - This platform is designed for Trophy Truck racing and is 125" wheelbase by 94" trackwidth.

Y-Frame: The section of the chassis that locates the front and rear suspension including the floor. This Y-Frame is designed to be fabrication friendly for MIG welding and can be cut from mild steel. All the Y-Frame components feature simple snap together construction for ease in fabrication.

Suspension: This package includes Stage1 Suspension from JEHC INC.  All the components are designed to be fabrication friendly and perfect for someone who has never built a vehicle like this before. All the components utilize a very simple snap together style that favors MIG welding. This setup is also designed for those who will be cutting everything from mild steel, so some of the components are slightly heavier than the Stage2/3 suspension setups from JEHC . You can also cut the components from 4130 and TIG weld them is you prefer.

Steering: The DIY trucks are designed around Howe Steering Racks, 103 for the narrower trucks and 113 for the fullsize trucks.

Fuel Cell and Spare Tire Setup - The DIY Stage 1 trucks are designed around off the shelf Fuel Safe cells with spare tires mounts above the cell (almost flat). Different cell options and layouts are also available upon request.

Rear End Housing Setup - Each DIY truck comes with 3.5 and 4" housing files but the trucks will fit a variety of rear end housings from Camburg, BMS, Currie, Tubeworks, ID, and others.

***This product is a Digital Asset, you are purchasing the cutting files (DXF) for this component so that you can have these plates cut and bent (press) from a CNC plasma, laser, or waterjet machine.***

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