Complete Bulkhead Assembly Custom Ross King Pre-runner (Stage 3)

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600-JEH-RK Bulkhead
This is the updated version that Tekk co-founder Jason Heard designed for Ross King of King shocks years ago. 

Designed with some complexity so skillsets required bring this bulkhead into Stage 3 territory, email for any question on this.

Specifications are below.

***This product is a Digital Asset, you are purchasing the cutting files (DXF) for this component so that you can have these plates cut and bent (press) from a CNC plasma, laser, or waterjet machine.***
This unique bulkhead assembly features some unique charcteristics that are specific to the style for the pre-runner it was designed for. It is designed for two different tire pacakages:

High Backspace (short course) wheel with 35” Tires – Roughly 88” trackwidth.

Or, Standard Backspace Race (TT wheel) 37” Tires – roughly 91.5” Trackwidth.


Bulkhead Rake – Setup at 8 deg, consistant caster throughout travel.

Shocks – Designed around 14” stroke 3.0 coilover and 4” bypass shocks.

Bumpstop – Bolt in “mini shock” style bump with Traditional Slapper Arm


Wheel Travel – 22” Front Usable Travel.


Steering Setup – This Bulkhead is designed for a Howe 103 Rack


Hubs and Brakes – This platfrom utilizes standard 12 bolt clevises from Blitzkrieg Motorsports for a variety of bolt on hub options from standard 2.5” up to TT assemblies.
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