1.5x1.5 Square Tube Miter Plate Packet

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This packet has 30 cut files for 2x2 tube for the 2 common wall-thicknesses .19 and .125, and tube angles from 60-120° every 5°. Each miter plate will work for a joint +/- 5°, and features a center hole for gas exchange. Also included are cut files for straight end-caps and straight miters. The advantage of a miter plate is it significantly increases the strength of a welded miter joint and allows for superior weld penetration.  The dxf cutfiles are denoted 100-JLF-018-"thickness"-"joint angle"

***These products are Digital Assets. You are purchasing the cutting files (DXF) for this component so that you can have these plates cut and bent (press) from a CNC plasma, laser, or waterjet machine.***
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