04-08 F150 2x4 Chassis Pivot Gusset Pack - PTF

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These packs of gusset tabs are designed to provide the ultimate in strength to the chassis pivots of the specific vehicle they are designed for. Designed to be easily cut on plasma tables they simple weld into the chassis after you prep the frame.

Bolt Hole Sizes:

Front Lower Arm – 18mm″ Bolt

Front Upper Arm – 9/16″ Bolt

Front Leaf Spring – 18mm

Rear Spring/Shackle – 9/16″


***This product is a Digital Asset. You are purchasing the cutting files (DXF) for this component so that you can have these plates cut and bent (press) from a CNC plasma, laser, or waterjet machine.***

Plasma Table Friendly – This means that the component is designed with no bends, all flat plate. This makes the cutting and assembly very easy for anyone with a plasma table. Specific steps are required (follow the WPO) to ensure the strength is kept with this component.
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