About Us

Welcome to DIY Offroad, where we take “Do It Yourself” to the ultimate level.DIYoffroad.com is the industry’s first Digital Asset Marketplace. We specialize in selling digital assets, (cutting files, printing files, machine files), to parts/components so that you can cut, weld, or print, and build the project of your dreams. Being a digital asset marketplace, we host designs from various designers and engineers from around the world. YES, anyone can list files for sale on DIY Offroad. All you have to do is fill out the application. Our goal is to provide customers with professionally-designed components at a reasonable price point. Whether you need simple components like flat tabs, or complex welded assemblies, we are delighted to provide you with professionally-designed files.

DIY Offroad was founded by Jason Heard, who is the Co-Founder Tekk Consulting, Inc., (the parent company of DIYoffroad.com). Jason has spent the better part of two decades designing, building, and racing in the off-road industry. We do not sell physical products, (At least not yet!), only the digital files for each component. The platform is very straight forward: fill up your shopping cart with the desired items, and after you complete the purchase, you will receive access to the digital asset files instantly. Once you purchase a file, you can potentially start cutting within minutes!If you have any further questions, please email us info@DIYoffroad.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

DIY Offroad is a new concept in the DIY aftermarket automotive industry. We specialize in selling Digital Assets for parts / components so that you can cut,machine, weld, or 3D print, and build the project of your dreams. The platform is very straight forward, fill up your shopping cart with the desired items and once your purchase is complete, you receive access to the cutting files instantly. You can potentially start cutting/printing within minutes!

Once you receive the files, you have multiple options for cutting or printing.  All files are sent to you in standard DXF format, (weldment components), or STEP/XT, (CAD Solid File), or STL, (printed parts), with matching PDF documentation for each part. DXF files can be cut with plasma, laser, or by waterjet. If you are looking for a cutting resource, please check out our Resources page.

If you are purchasing a more complex assembly, like fabricated Ford 9" Housings, these files come with detailed assembly instructions called “Weld Process Orders” or “WPOs” for short.

Do you sell the laser cut?

Currently we do not sell the physical laser cut parts or metal sheets. If you are looking for a cutting resource, please check out our Resources page.

Do you sell welded assemblies?

At this time we are not going to sell welded assemblies. This may change one day, but then again it may not.

How do I get the files I purchase?

Once the purchase is complete, you will be given access automatically on the purchase confirmation page and the files will be emailed to the PayPal address used for the transaction, (be sure to check your spam folder just in case!).  You can purchase cutting files 24/7 and start cutting on your preferred timin

What are DXF files?

These are standard 2D cutting files that tell the computer cutting system where and how to cut the material along with bending directions if the part has bends in it.

Do you sell the actual 3D CAD file of the component?

Some Designers do sell Solid Files, labeled Solid, (CAD files). 

Who can machine/cut/print the part for me?

Machined components are universal Solid files that can be machined by just about anyone with a CNC machine.

Cut file products are delivered in standard DXF file format and can be cut by anyone with a plasma, laser, or waterjet table.

3D print files are delivered in standard STL file format and can be printed on most common every day 3D printers. 

Please refer to the Resources page for further information.

What machines can cut these files?

Plasma, laser, or waterjet. Possibly something else that we don’t know about but those three are the industry standards.

Do you offer language translation?

Yes, please email our parent company with any questions and a representative will translate then reply. TekkConsulting.com

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