Fullsize Stage 1 Bulkhead (Front End) 91"+

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The Stage 1 Bulkhead is the perfect starting point for your next tube chassis project or grafting on the front end of your current truck. From race trucks to luxury pre-runners the Tekk Platforms are designed to be fabrication friendly, taking the guess work out of complex suspension setup and geometry.

Stage 1 refers to the style of the components in this assembly, everything in this Bulkhead Package can be cut from Mild Steel and MIG welded. Some clients cut them from 4130 Chromoly and TIG weld them but Stage 1 Components are designed to complement MIG welding.

All of the Arms, Uprights, and Bulkhead is designed in a simple “snap together” fashion for a very fabrication friendly setup.

Options and specifications are below.

***This product is a Digital Asset, you are purchasing the cutting files (DXF) for this component so that you can have these plates cut and bent (press) from a CNC plasma, laser, or waterjet machine.***

***Due to the complexity of these assemblies a representative from Tekk Consulting LLC will be reaching out to you personally upon purchase***
Arm and Bulkhead Component Specs:

          Bulkhead – All plate construction with various thicknesses (1/4”, 3/16”, and 1/8”) and uses sheetmetal weld washers for all bolt hole locations. Setup for the Howe 103 Rack this bulkhead is self-locating (snap together).  

          Lower Arm – Uses Standard Delrin Pivots on the chassis side available at Kartek.com along with 1.5” uni-ball bearings for the upright location.

          Upper Arm – Uses 7/8” Rod ends with Standard Square receivers (bungs) from Kartek with the same 1.5” bearing for the upright as the lower arm.

          Upright – Uses a Standard 12 bolt face plate available at either Camburg or Nextgen offroad. The spacers for the arms and steering are all standard from Kartek, ¾” bolt for the arms and 9/16” for the steering.


Trackwidth – With standard race 2.5” hubs and wheel/tires this setup is about 93.5” outside tire to outside tire. Narrower setups are possible with different hubs and higher offset wheels.


Shocks / Wheel Travel – This setup is designed to run 14” stroke shocks side by side. Wheel travel is optimized at 24” usable, 25” metal to metal.


Steering Setup – This Bulkhead is designed for a Power Steering Solutions 2.5/2.75 Rack


Hubs and Brakes – This platform utilizes standard 12 bolt faceplates for a variety of bolt on hub options from standard 2.5” up to TT assemblies. The standard Race 2.5” hub and race wheels/tires brings the overall trackwidth to about 93.5” outside tire to outside tire.


Tires and Wheels – Depends on the hub setup you utilize but the uprights are optimized for 39-40 tires, 37” will work but that is the lowest tire size we suggest running on this front end.


Bulkhead Rake – This setup is designed for no rake in the bulkhead, welded flat into the chassis this setup utilizes consistent 7 deg caster through travel.


Camber Curve – At Compression (Bump) this setup gains about 7 degrees of camber and at Extension (Droop) the setup stays decently straight with only about 1 degree of change.


Contact Patch Trackwidth Change – Imagine the CenterPoint of the tire where it touched the ground, this point is the contact patch of the tire. When the suspension moves up and down this width changes (opposite of the camber curve, larger camber curve = less contact patch trackwidth change). At Compression (Bump) this setup decreases 1” in trackwidth and during Extension (Droop) is 4.5” of decrease.


Bumpsteer – Designed around the Howe 103 rack the bumpsteer is extremely minimal, unfortunately there is no such thing as “zero bump steer”, no matter what you do its physically impossible to eliminate bump steer. Even though the bumpsteer is next to nothing in CAD, with tolerance stacking during fabrication you will most likely end up with a few millimeters of bumpsteer.


***This product is a Digital Asset, you are purchasing the cutting files (DXF) for this component so that you can have these plates cut and bent (press) from a CNC plasma, laser, or waterjet machine.***
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